The first congress Resellers starter batteries and stationary batteries and industrial contacts in July 2014

Seyed Majid Hedayat Managing Director of the Company 

Least energy resources development company in the field of sealed batteries, industrial, over 150 million ampere hours which is a big number. 

Energy Resources Development Company's ability to produce and export figures are 2 to 3 times. 

The first congress Resellers starter batteries, stationary batteries and contacts in the industry (manufacturers ups, Board ups, telecommunication companies, mobile operators, ICT, armed forces and power bodies) on 04/04/1393 at the conference hall of the sports complex held. 

Topics of the conference which was attended by over 200 guests, was built around the following chapters. 

Market development (opportunities and threats) 
Development of the product portfolio 
Quality Improvement 
After sales service 
Price commensurate with the quality 
This seminar aims: 

Get the views of the starter battery distribution network 
Investigate and resolve challenges in the market for starter batteries 
Seminar and get the views and expectations of the telecommunication networks, electricity generation in the country of Saba products 
Seminar and get the views of the Association of manufacturers ups 
Introduction to Saba products and changes in the characteristics of the variety and quality of technical and market issues was held. 
این همایش در دو بخش طراحی و اجرا گردید ، بخش نخست از ساعت 8:30 تا ساعت 10:30 مباحث مرتبط با باتریهای استارتر و بخش دوم از ساعت 10:30 الی 13 مباحث مربوط به باتریهای صنعتی و سیلد بر اساس برنامه ریزیهای صورت گرفته held. 

در ابتدا مدیر فروش شرکت سخنانی در ارتباط با آنالیز شرایط حاکم بازار حول محورهای سرمایه در گردش و جمع آوری باتری اسقاط و برنامه های پیش رو ایراد نمودند . 

در ادامه دو تن از نمایندگان فروش باتریهای استارتر در خوزستان و تهران نقطه نظرات خود را حول محورهای همایش و نیز شرایط حاکم بازار و انتظارات شبکه توزیع بیان نمودند . 

At the end of the first session of questions and answers about the issues discussed with the Managing Director's speech ended. 

In the second part of the word Sales Manager at Axis and objectives of Congress, as well as changes in market conditions, sales and product diversity were given mechanism. 

View company's vice president of research and technology continue batteries VRLA (sealed batteries, industrial) properties have been described technical and qualitative information. 

Member manufacturers ups with the introduction of the association's activities, in particular due to the complete product portfolio and balance price with quality products Saba talked. His mind to come to terms with the officials expressed satisfaction and attention to solar energy Saba Battery Industrial Battery were necessary. 

Nian electronics company representative pointed to the successful partnership with Saba Battery and strong presence in telecom companies, telecom companies and require talked about industrial batteries. 

At the end of the speech the honorable CEO Mr. Seyed Majid Hedayat energy resources development companies around the topics of the conference were held.

He said that more conferences on topics related to industrial batteries, sealed and is residing. Expressed in the storage area of ​​preference and we can compete with the best in the world in terms of competitiveness and that is verifiable

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